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  • 15 Awesome Facts On Melanie Martinez

    Melanie Martinez has captured a strong audience of teen fans who cling to her lyrically raw music. With tracks like Mrs. Potato Head, Pacify Her, and Dollhouse from an EP of the same title, which is also featured on her full length album, titled CryBaby, Melanie Martinez makes no apologies for her outspoken lyrics. But […]

  • Jacob Sartorius Phone Number Search!

    Jacob Sartorius is back in the news again, and this time is because of the kinds of searches that are being done on him, where one of the most common are searches for his telephone number. Not too long ago Jacob Sartorius has been a part of a public scandal where he was accused of […]

  • Vitaly Banned from NBA and Punishment for Streaking at NBA Finals!

    Vitaly is no stranger to the law, and after he pulled a stunt, where he streaked across the court shirtless during game 4 of the 2016 NBA finals, between the Cleveland Cavaliers vs the Golden State Warriors, we all knew he was going to get into trouble. Vitaly literally shut down game 4 of the […]

  • Roast Yourself Challenge! – Revisited

    The YouTube Roast Yourself challenge has been catching on in a big way, with now hundreds of youtubers taking part in the challenge. But what is it exactly, who started it, and why is it such a huge success? This and more in this episode. It’s been clear that there’s been a lot of drama […]

  • Pewdiepie (fake) Gay Party!

    I made a video some time ago about Pewdiepie getting kicked out of his apartment because he claims his landlord thought he was having gay sex. He says that he did receive a noise complaint letter, but only after he got the eviction notice. He also posted to his twitter account to make it clear […]

  • LeafyIsHere HACKED! by Poodlecorp!

    This was bound to happen. LeafyIsHere has been on Poodlecorp’s hit list from pretty much the start. And now it was his turn to get hacked. LeafyIsHere, or simply called Leafy, is a YouTube content creator, who makes trending news videos, voiced over video game footage. A clever combination as video games is a huge […]

  • Gay YouTuber Fakes Getting Beat Up – Calum McSwiggan Fakes Hate Crime Against Him

    YouTuber Calum McSwiggan is causing quite a stir with police claim he made about a homophobic hate crime. The incident left him in hospital, but is causing many to question his integrity.   Calum McSwiggan is a British YouTuber with over 450,000 subscribers. His content mainly focuses on stories about his life as a gay man. According to sites […]

  • Kanye West – ‘Famous’ music Video Released and it’s CONTROVERTIAL

    Kanye west prides himself as being an artist, and not just a rapper. He’s known to produce obscure creations, whether it be his fashion line, his stage performances, or the odd music videos like Bound 2, which he filmed with his wife, Kim Kardashian now another one of his videos is causing quite a bit of controversy, leaving many to […]

  • 11 Dead YouTubers That Passed Away too Soon!

    It’s always sad to see someone you love and care about pass away. The YouTubers on this list represent those individuals that many have come to love. They have generated tens of thousands of subscribers and million of views for themselves. But they all share one tragic commonality…they’ve all passed away. So in this episode we’re gonna take a look […]

  • The Rock announces Launch of New YouTube channel with Lilly Singh aka iisuperwomanii

    The 7th Annual Vidcon wrapped up, this past weekend, and it ran from June 23 – 25, 2016 and each year it keeps getting bigger and bigger. There were some pretty big announcements that came out of the event, And one of them was that Dwayne Johnson, everyone knows him as The Rock, will be starting his own […]

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